Prevention Services

and contingency

Potential discharges are a current  global concern.  Hence, port facilities provide a wide array of services which are operated simultaneously in the same enclave.

At this level of contingency and emergency, we provide assorted papers based on meteorological and ocean conditions and their influence, supervising the evolution of potential oil spill with our scope on two clear objectives:

  • Accidents / Incidents risk assessments in varied ship and vessel maneuvers at the time of their oil charge – discharge operations.
  • Analize the evolution and consequences of potential oil spill under different environmental and operations conditions


At COAM we count with Peruvian Navy officers, equipment and supplies required to solve this type of happenings thru our Quality-based services.

Risk Assessment

At COAM we count with Peruvian Navy officers, equipment and supplies required to solve this type of happenings thru our Quality-based services.

Within theory brackets and risk assessments, main environmental aspects which could hamper the infraestructure should be considered, as well as the effects and damage on them, should a spill take place.

Among main impacts, soil pollution and damage, as well as water causeways, generating death and morbidity among biotic species.


Water resources pollution may directly affect ecosystems, not only in a straight manner but also in an indirect fashion.

Containment booms

The Contaiment booms are the material means to exert our containment, control, protection and oil recovery  duties.   The main purpose is to allow the effective performance facing an unexpected, accidental oil spill.  Our specialized Human Resources teams come in this picture as they deploy operations which allow a timely and on-the-spot contingency control.

Be it a small or large spill, the first, immediate response is hydrocarbon contention, control and lockdown.

Operating booms hamper potential spills from expanding on either open or enclosed sea waters due to wind or ocean currents influence.  Oil containment makes easier a later recovery.  

Oil lockdowns in limited spaces make our duties faster.  It also improves the equipment performance and efficiency.

Squad training

This Service allows our customers to safely count with HR with the right expertise, ready to react and deploy resources in case of an environmental emergency.

This service is oriented to organizations whose facilites may cause a precise damage, and which specifically may require survelliance service on contamination.

Environmental responsibility involves human resources availability, properly trained, with a clear picture of their mission and counting with tailor-made equipment for a swift intervention in case of an accidental spill, be it on water or land.

Accountable policies oriented to preserve the environment and their impact on our customer management teams.

Risk control on environmental accidents.