Additional Services

Solid and oily, contaminated Residues recovery and disposal.

This service is provided to vessels & terminals which require the recovery, management and final disposal of poisoneous residues

We coordinate our efforts involving residues recovery until the final disposal at a certified plant specialized in residues treatment

An automated document (Dangerous residues disposal management certificate) is then released


Granted, we achieve a successful operation, which is then standarized with current standards on oil spills and / or pollutant byproducts.

Environmental Monitoring

COAM has developed a business branch, focused on designed operation on environmental measurement parameters, supervising them with environmental quality standards and top-limit allowed, set forth by national & international norms.

Our team will specifically determine what requires to be monitored and which may be the best methods to kick off supervision activities.

Once data has been collected, these will be processed by our specialists who will then analize this information and work on specialized, focused reports, which will be pretty handy in the decision making, management process.

Tank cleaning

COAM operations command assesses the area under clean up target, density and volume, tank body status, accesibility and safety conditions.  Based on these data, we stablish and kick off our Safety Protocol followed with set up of required equipment.


For this type of operation, it is very important to observe, respect and be consistent to safety measures and standards, job related health issues which are specific for this service.


We issue oceanographic reports, mainly focused in the natural conditions assessment (Hydrography, oceanography, meteorology) with the scope to meet with the development of a port-maritime project in any of its progress, making it handlier for our customer with the fair, right decision process aimed at a responsible investment.